The sap flows through the tree

The sap and the tree

I sat here this afternoon trying hard to fight back my tears. Tears of joy and of sorrow all mingled up within me and trying hard to fight their way out of me. I am forced to ask myself; what is life all about? Is it that of struggles? Running in and out and looking for money? Money to put food on the table for me, the children and the rest to pay bills. This seems to be just what life is all about, but, I also know that there is more to life than this. It,s got to be more than this..

The sap of the tree

The trees of the Lord are full of sap (well watered), the cedars of Lebanon, which he hath planted where the birds make their nests –(Psalm 104:16-17a).

This is an example of well watered tree, healthy, blossoming and has more strength and because of this it is able to carry another life – ‘the birds make their nests’. This maybe just a literary meaning of this bible passage intentionally not going too deep into the spiritual meaning of it.

Sometimes it is quite hard to understand life, we can only have an understanding of life if we understand who we are and why we are here on earth. How can we understand our own life if we do not have an insight to it. How can we have an insight unless we understand the intricacies of life? This intricacy is what throws a lot of us off balance. Not until we come to the realisation that we are not here by ourselves and for ourselves, we will continue to live life selfishly rather than being selfless. A selfless person obviously knows that life is not just about him/her but for a purpose and the desire to fulfil that purpose will continue to push him to do things towards achieving that purpose benefitting self and others.

Most often than not, a lot of us do not realise our purpose early enough but the moment you do, one day of living in your purpose is like a thousand years. You have that sense of fulfilment, you face each day with so much strength and vigour knowing that time is of essence. Such people are selfless because all they want to do is fulfil purpose. A purposeful life is one of blessing to others, self and the world at large. This is possible if His blood runs in our veins.

What to do to live a life of purpose? First know who your creator is? Connect to Him, seek to know more what He would have you do and He will not withhold such knowledge from you. My creator is God and He thought fit to make me in His image and so I am like Him and if I am like Him then His Blood, His Goodness and His Mercy flow through me. The more I want to please Him, He tells me love my neighbour as myself. Loving one’s neighbour involves caring for one another, loving one another and never seeking to hurt anyone. If we have this in everyone of us, why would there be stabbings, killings and hatred for one another. He who created me and you is Love personified in the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose blood has been shed to take away all our short comings. The blood is a replica of the sap in the tree that runs through it, supplying all the nutrients it needs to grow, blossom and to continue its existence.

Without the sap, there is no life to the tree. So is our life without the knowledge of our king and saviour whose Blood runs through our veins. Whether or not we acknowledge this link between ourselves and our creator, it is nothing but the Truth. Our life becomes more meaningful and purposeful because we know who we are. It is then we can live life to the full knowing we are doing what we are called to do. Surprisingly enough, when you key into your purpose, you are never tired of it and you enjoy every bit of it. You are never worn out, you become unstoppable, and you operate in a different wavelength of energy that only you and your creator understand. You do not mind if there is financial reward to it or not. You just want to go with the flow of wanting to do. I have been there myself and it can be very satisfying and of course His blood that runs through us supplies the strength all the while along the way.

A purposeful life is one that is not selfish but selfless, seeking to do things to bring joy and fulfilment to others and your joy is in doing just that.

So, if like me you are still wondering what life is all about; just know that it is just not one of running to and fro looking for our daily bread but to pause, be still and listen to God talking to you today. What can you do differently today?

The twist and turns of life can really affect one if you do not know your purpose but if you do know your purpose and walking or working in it then such twists and turns can help you get there sometimes even quicker. This is not to say that there will never be delays, there may be but know that some horrible things that may look like it is the end may not be the end but just a bend. Life do not always run on smooth rail but focussing on the finishing line, will give you additional pump.

The Holy Spirit runs through me to give me a life full of strength, be vibrant for the Lord and above all, to support and help others just the tree help to support birds’ nests.

Some guiding principles

Make every stone thrown your way a bridge to the next big thing. You may not have or hold all the good cards but play well the cards you have in your hand. Learn to give and forgive always for that is what God would have us do.

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