How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell.

Do not sit back doing the thinking all by yourself wondering what life is about. Come let us share lots of insights and wisdom from this book by John C Maxwell, complete with 

  • workbook 
  • videos and 
  • true life scenarios that will benefit you and cause you to think differently but positively about everything around you. 

These 11 modules are organised into workshops delivered online or face to face over a minimum of 3 days and maximum of 5 days with each delivery lasting between 2 or 3 hours on your chosen days.

Come and be the leader in the room that people want to hear from. It is a workshop with a difference. 

Facilitated by Florence Akpokodje at minimal / affordable cost.


Module 1


Welcome to this workshop on: How Successful People Think. You signed up for this workshop because you believe: You can be the leader in the room that people wait to hear from.  You can be someone who thinks DEEPLY and QUICKLY. This course will show you how.

Module 2

Big Picture Thinking

Unsuccessful people only see their point of view. Successful people see the big picture. Big-picture thinkers cross bridges in their minds long before they get to them. Take your thinking from small to big with this lesson from John.

Module 3

Creative Thinking

What questions you ask others is important. However, asking yourself the right questions is paramount to unlocking one of your greatest gifts… Creativity! Are you ready to take notes? Let’s get right into Creative Thinking!

Module 4

Realistic Thinking

Oftentimes, we tend to see things as we’d like rather than how they actually are. Let us take a close look on how thinking realistically can help you establish a foundation for where things are, so you can better see where you’re headed and allow you to…

Module 5

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking will put intention and purpose behind your goals. Be prepared to have more clarity in your thoughts and actions.

Module 6

Possibility Thinking

Possibility Thinking is the antidote that will help you overcome those inevitable challenges so you can realize your greatest potential!

Module 7

Reflective Thinking

Going through challenges is a part of our personal growth, if we spend enough time truly understanding what that experience means to us.

Module 8

Popular Thinking

As Douglas Cardinal once said, “I’m not an answering machine. I’m a questioning machine.” That is what it means to challenge Popular Thinking. This is a crucial lesson as it helps you begin to see things in contrast to conventional “wisdom”.

Module 9

Shared Thinking

What I learned early on as a leader is that my ideas were significantly enriched by the people who I placed in my inner circle. As Ken Blanchard said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Module 10

Unselfish Thinking

This is one of my favourite lessons and one that has had a major impact on my life, both professionally and personally. Your ability to truly apply Unselfish Thinking will yield a life of greater fulfilment. Let’s get started!

Module 11

Bottom Line Thinking

You may be surprised this week to learn that your Bottom Line Thinking will yield much more than a financial ROI! Do you have your workbook out? Get ready to take notes and expand your vision!

Module 12

Focused Thinking

Grab your workbook and get ready to gain more focus and clarity in your daily routine!

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