Everyday Challenges

Everything you need to know to tackle your four biggest obstacles to success from your Facilitator Florence Akpokodje


Building Strong Teams

You are only as strong as your weakest team member. Building a strong team is essential to achieving success in your organization. This is even more critical now in a time where leaders have existing teams which, because of layoffs, have been scaled down. Where do you begin to build these teams back up to a level where they are strong, contributing groups again? Your Facilitator Florence Akpokodje, shares essentials of building a strong team in this exclusive John Maxwell’s audio series. 

Problem Solving

Every problem has a solution. According to Fred Smith, “If you can’t change something, it’s not a problem- it’s a fact of life.” Knowing the difference can be a crucial factor in your approach. Without getting a bird’s eye view, our reactions to a problem can be ineffective or even cause it to spiral down into a serious crisis. Absolutely everything rises and falls on leadership. Learn from a leader’s leader how to construct a system to solve your personal, team and organizational problems effectively, every time. 

Leading Through Change

If there’s one thing that’s constant in this world, it’s that nothing is. Change is an unavoidable fact in our lives, our careers, our businesses and in our homes. Facilitated by Florence Akpokodje, help to share John Maxwell’s insight on how to not only face change, but how to lead through it

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